LSU Hill out for the yr

Friday night pitcher Jaden Hill has a shoulder tear and out for the yr,huge loss even though wasn’t pitching as well as he’s capable,He is very talented

A lot of times pitchers will pitch with a tear and not realize it. It’s quite possible the tear is why he was not pitching like expected. He was expected to be a top-10 overall pick.


Yeah when you watch him Pitch,you wonder how anybody hit him he throws 98 with a breaking ball that is absolutely unbelievable

Your response addressed the first thing I thought when I read the OP. I’d bet his injury had been there

I thought I remember him having some arm issues his freshmen year! There are a lot of young arms out there playing ball that just throw too much too young! Throwing junk too young as well.
I hope the young man is able to get well and recover. LSU’s having a season to forget so far this season and it may get a lot worse before it gets better. I’d bet the natives in Baton Rouge will get restless by season’s end. Especially if LSU fails to make it to Hoover.

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