LSU helps Hogs get 3rd place in the West!

With 20 sec to go LSU came from behind and got a TD to go up 27 to 24 over TA&M.

That leaves Arkansas tied for 3rd with Miss State and Texas A&M and since we beat both of them, we own the tie breakers!!!


Thank you CORNDOGS!!!


I believe in having to rank the 3 teams Arkansas would be 1st as we beat them both. Next would be Miss State as they also beat TA&M.

So it should be in the order of Arkansas… Miss State… TA&M when it comes to bowls BUT…
I kinda remember something about poll ranking used for tie breakers when it comes to the same record when choosing for bowls. I hope I’m remembering that wrong because TAM has the higher rank at the moment… they were #14.

No we aren’t tied with Moo U we beat them. And with Texas A&M I thought head to head cones into play. We beat the Aggies too. I’m not sure about poll rankings. I’ll bet Swine knows.

Technically we are all tied for 3rd place at 4-4 but we have the tie breakers when it comes time to calculate things like bowls.

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Except the SEC Commish decides bowls and records dont matter

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