LSU has shown the SEC how to attack us -----------------

--------------------- they spread the floor and repeatedly attacked Isiah Joe making him defend hard and get into foul trouble. They got physical inside and dared the officials to call fouls or three second calls. This will work less at our place where we will get those calls that the officials swallowed their whistles on at LSU. Athletic big men who can drive hard to the basket will make our smaller defenders foul a lot. Our best guards are not great ball handlers and LSU’s guards gave them trouble all night.

But, when we were not having a great night shooting the three, when losing the battle on the boards in a monumental fashion, when the other team was shooting a lot more foul shots at a great percentage, when the other team had much more size and athleticism two deep than we have one deep, we took care of the ball, never backed down, fought to the end, and could have won that game. We are getting maximum effort from this team and staff and I am very proud of them.

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Yeah. They showed the SEC how to be Arkansas alright. Buy a bunch of semi pro players and still only beat us by two. Wade can buy talent , but is not very good coaching them.

I love the heart in this team. No question.

As for the blueprint to beat us, some on this board have been voicing this concern ever since the Spring when we found at how small we’d be. I agree about getting some calls at home that we didn’t last night, but I also think LSU is better than several other teams we will play on the road. The few teams I think maybe better than LSU we get at home. One thing for sure, I don’t think we lose to many by a large margin. It’ll be close every game.

As disappointed as I was at the loss, I feel that Muss is too good of a coach to not devise counter strategies. I would hope he would look at ways to get shots for Joe, not relying too much on his ability to create his shot. Jones is strong enough and crafty enough too do that, even though he can at times get too one-man game oriented. I loved it when he drove the ball and dishes, because you know the defense is going to collapse on him. I don’t know the solution, but I wish we could have fresher legs at the end of games, I think it really impacts Joe’s stroke, seemingly not as much for Jones.

Amazing effort against a physically superior team. Never seen a game quite like that where it wasn’t a 20-pt blow out. That being said Joe needs to learn how to handle the rock and increase quickness so he’s not just a long-distance bomber. Sills has to be able to hit from outside consistently. Hope a shooting coach is working with him on getting rid of his “sling-shot”

Love the grit of this team. So fun to watch! WPS!

LSU also has a pretty nice set of guards which makes it easier to turn those forwards loose.

Joe does need to work on his handle and strength in the off-season, regardless of whether he goes pro or not.

Huba, huba LSU…like Muss said, their best play was shoot and go and get it! :sunglasses:

If those 2 teams traded rosters, the Hogs would win by 20.

The rematch in Bud Walton will be a complete different game! We will see the adjustments made by CEM. I hope we have a mental adjustment by the players. REBOUND!
I wouldn’t say they are superior they just got by with being on the backs of our players!

I have to agree. Based on their play last night, Mason might start on that team but Joe would be coming off the bench and none of our other players would make that team. Players that you have to pay to play don’t respond as well to great coaching so that bunch would not play as hard as ours do, but they have way more talent and size. JMVVVHO

LSU is just bigger and better than we are. They don’t play by the rules, but what else is new?

The rematch should be interesting. I think we lose again because they will dominate the board play, but maybe the crowd will pull us through.

I would start Joe on about every Arkansas team that I can recall. He’s smart, gets rebounds and will pass. He can shoot it on the road, too.

The SEC road is a tough place…our national championship team lost its first road game at Bama by two points (beating them down badly on the return trip).

I don’t put this game on i-Joe…as noted above LSU was allowed to live in the lane and pound our smaller bigs (especially in the second half). I was surprised we had a chance to win with a minute remaining.

It was sad that we were just one three pointer tardy, but I was proud of our effort.

LSU’s guards defended Joe and attacked him with drives when he was defending very well. They are almost as tall as Joe and quicker athletes. When a team decides to concentrate stopping one player, other players need to step up. Sills did not shoot well, again, so it was mostly on Jones to score. He did well until he let silly fouls put him on the bench. I don’t think LSU can play much better against us when they come to our place and we can play a lot better then. I expect us to win going away at the Bud if we take care of the ball again and get more favorable calls from the officials on “over the back” offensive rebounding by LSU. Whitt played his best game of the year.

I’m going to say it again, offensive was not the issue. Defensive rebounds was. Offensive efficiency was pretty good. As you mentioned, Whitt did step up. You can’t let LSU score on every possession. Arkansas matched that offensively.

The teams were basically dead even when Joe went to the bench with two fouls. The team quickly built a lead with him out.

I guess I’m going to have to watch this game again. I’ve seen several “they were going over our backs” posts and I just don’t remember it being an issue. We were simply out athleted, outhustled and outleaped from what I recall.

I’ve watched it again. Over the back, pushed out of bounds grabbed and the push off with off arm! Nothing called.

There was a free throw in the second half where the shooter went over the line and the ref came in and talked to the player the second free throw went in and he stayed behind the line. My question is why did the free throw count.
My other issue is Chaney for his T! Where is the T for the junk LSU did slapping the ball out of bounds after they made a shot or talking smack right in our players face after a shot!
Ref’s may be human but this is a trend at LSU, Ole Miss, Stinkville, and anywhere you play Kentucky they let those teams beat you up and you better not breathe on them. Where was the cylinder rule last night. Joe may have been blocked clean but the defender was in the cylinder and Desi was mugged once he caught the ball.

While that is obvious Clay it was interesting to hear how Muss said he would deal with that more than once, which was we have to make more threes, l.E more offense because we are going to struggle with rebounding and personally I don’t think we are going to get a lot better due to our awesome effort and lack of size.

He said we we need 10-12 3s not 8 and he’s got to find another shooter. He alluded to Bailey, who is shooting the 3 a lot better than sills.

I know they’ve been working on rebounding but I don’t think muss is counting on that as the solution.

Obvious is pretty clear to me. I’d take another 3 as well.

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