LSU hammers jump shooting Arkansas

Here’s a column after the game: … -arkansas/

Good article…I was there. You’re right on…I saw a lot of street ball and no defense. Anderson has a lot of work to do to get this team back on track. We looked soft on defense and jacked up the ball way too much. Unless he can turn it around, we may not even make the tournament…that was the most dismal first half of Basketball that I have seen in quite sometime. Yes this is a senior laden team… where is the leadership?

Good article.

I have to take respectful disagreement with partial narrative we have seen of referees being a culprit.

Of course there are missed calls.

But the referees are not losing these games.

That’s a gentle excuse that hides the issue that we, whether personnel or coaching, have appeared soft on attacking the paint on O, and I dare say lazy on D, which against LSU was among the worst D performances I have seen from Arkansas in my life time. And that includes the bad Heath and Pelphrey years.

This partial narrative of blaming refs these last few games is what losing programs do.

We are better than that or at least I want to believe we are as a program.

We don’t have the talent or the number of players it takes to play this style of basketball. We need at least 8-9 quality SEC players to run this system…we don’t have that. I would start Macon and Barford with Beard coming in to sub for those 2 to get his minutes. I would work the ball into Gafford a great deal…he will learn to play inside and score.
We should play somewhat similar to LSU…half court basketball…run when you can. Play better man to man. Don’t gamble so much on defense. Play some match up zone. Quit giving up the easy shots.

Shorten the game because we have a short bench. Put CJ Jones or Hall in place of Beard. Concentrate on getting Macon, Barford good shots and Gafford the ball down low. I know this will never happen…but if it did…I would appreciate Mike changing to fit his talent.

It seems that when we get beat it is the refs fault, but when we win nothing is said. The refs did not get us down by 20 in the 1st half, we did that. You have to play through the bad calls, that is just part of the game.

Not a big mystery why our Bigs don’t get defensive rebounds. For he life of me I do not understand why CA has Gafford and Thompson switching to guard guards at the top of the circle. They get more fouls than rebounds out there, guess they practice that way, frustrating to watch knowing the outcome.

Yep, blaming refs gets old. It’s for losers.

I listened to Zimmerman the 2nd half and was downright embarrassed for him. All he could find to criticize was the officiating.

I agree about the lack of talent and numbers. Beard, Macon and Barford look beyond tired, maybe even sick? I agree with you about the guard rotation change. No Guard depth at all with the loss Garland and CJ in the witness protection program. We need Darius Hall to keep improving so we can play him more at the 3 with Thomas/Cook/Bailey at the 4.

Trey is the only other big we have that is considered a threat by other teams. I would like to see Trey play the 4 with Gafford some to see how it works for a few 3 minute bursts a game. We need to do something because teams have shut down his passing lanes so we need to change it up for him. It makes me crazy that CMA has hiim go to the top of the key to guard someone on switches all the time.