LSU got the 1 seed in the CFP

tOSU #2, Clemson #3, Paperclips #4. I think that first half burp in Indy cost the Yuckeyes. Doesn’t really matter; O will have to beat two of them no matter how the seeding fell.

As it should be. It seemed to me, there might have been a bias toward OH St (or anti SEC) in the committee, but based on yesterday’s results, this is what they should have done.

This year, there is a much bigger advantage to #1 vs #2 because of how strong #3 Clemson is vs #4 OK. You can’t win it all if you can’t get by the semi-finals.

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Anyone but OU. Hoping for a LSU a&&kicking on Boomer

Don’t think LSU will have much trouble with Oklahoma, hope Clemson can beat the Suckeyes.

They deserve that ranking hands down! WPS

LSU deserved the top seed. They played a tougher schedule and whipped everybody. Their D is a little suspect. LSU vs. Clemson or LSU vs. Ohio State. Either is good. Hope OU goes down hard.

Boomer Sooner. Much better defense this year. And I would not count Lincoln Riley out of any game where he has three weeks to game plan. LSU is certainly impressive and should be favored. But OU and Hurts and the OU coaching staff have been in these big games multiple times. I’m not counting out OU. Hurts absolutely has to play better, though.

Big difference between playing Clemson and playing Oklahoma, the 1 seed pays huge dividends.

As it should be. tatTOoSU should never have been #1. Geaux tigers. :tiger::football:

Ohio State is damn good. I’d never minimize their strength.

I don’t minimize that tatTOoSU is a good team, but I’m so impressed with LSU.

Hope OU gets steamrolled.

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Great. I’m rooting for OU.

Boo OU…

Geaux Tigers…

I laughed when they hired Coach O. Now look who is laughing. Hope he wins it all.