LSU going after Brian Kelly

Per The Athletic. Hey, it worked when they hired Paul Mainieri from Notre Dame…

Good. I hope they get him. I’ve not been impressed.


I just read that article Jeff. Makes sense for LSU to throw lots of cash his way. But the article hinted maybe Brian is wanting improved facilities of some kind. Could be leveraging that angle.

Always possible. I’d love to see the Corndogs get played, whether for money or facilities.

Kelly is only making $2.67 million according to reports. So there’s plenty of room there.

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Then they’ll be saying Lane is going to South Bend! Now that would be funny. :sunglasses:

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but, but, but Wally said LSU had its man when it fired Orgeron. I saw it. He said it. I already posted this a couple of days ago. Are y’all saying he was…WRONG?

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poor ole Wally, always being picked on. Mercy. :rofl:

When you’ve been full of it for 40+ years, either you get picked on or you go into politics. Or both.


Maybe Wally is going to be their new coach, since he knows so much about it

How is it possible ND paying that low?
Have to believe there is some hidden money.
Just like Vandy, as a private institution they don’t have to disclose

They don’t have to answer to FOI requests. But they do have to file tax returns including Form 990 and they do have to report to the federal Equity in Athletics database. Both USA Today and the Los Angeles Times have compiled lists of coaching salaries and they agree on Kelly.

In fact, here’s ND’s Form 990 for 2018-19. Kelly is on Page 20. He makes less than his AD and way less than the school’s chief investment officer.

But is this one of those deals where a separate Foundation pays part off his salary?

Because remember the Razorback Foundation pays the bill of our coaches salaries anyway.

I don’t think so. I looked up Vandy’s 990 too. They reported Derek Mason made $4.1 million and Bryce Drew made $3.1 million.

Remember, ND is big on not letting the athletic tail wag the university dog. They have a Rockne Athletics Fund which raises about $10 million a year, but as far as I can tell the vast majority of that money (90%) goes for scholarships.

And the same ProPublica database also includes Kelly’s 2020 pay: $2.56 million.

I guess he loves the helmet

I thought of the line from the Blues Brothers movie: He’s on a mission from God. He is an Irish-Catholic, after all.

Welcome to tell me I was wrong in a few years but I think LSU will regret the hire.


This says Kelly is north of $7m

That is correct. He is making 7 plus. He is a very good coach and he will win big at LSU if they hire him. He will get the athletes at LSU he cannot get at his current job.

Last 5 years ,won 54 , lost 9, includes playoffs .

Probably help with off field issues as Kelly has clean record on compliance. He will get athletes that ND does not as you say but they will play a disciplined brand of football if he is hired. No more throwing shoes in Red Stick

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