LSU goes down

Interesting score. VCU, who last Friday beat North Texas 49-46, just beat LSU 86-84. With about 2 minutes left, LSU went on a 7-0 run and went up by 1, but VCU tightened up the D at the end to preserve the win on their home court. Could be a very interesting SEC season.

the best part was all the FBI outfits that the VCU fans wore. Classic!


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I thought LSU was very sloppy with the ball. Should have won that game. They are adjusting to life after Waters. Skylar Mays is just not there yet in handling the ball and making the right decisions.

They have an outstanding freshman in 5 star Watford. This kid has game.

28 TO’s by LSU and they lost the free throw line. VCU shot 28 free throws. LSU shot about 20. They over passed in traffic once they had the game tied or a chance to regain the lead.
The turning point was when LSU was up 1 and fouled a player taking a 3 point shot. From there they never regained any control! Too much 1 on 1 play down the stretch.
The Signs and FBI hats were spot on! I’m glad to see Will Wade and LSU go some. VCU fans also had fake money.
The announcers talked about Memphis, LSU, and Arizona not paying attention to the NCAA and the way it discredits the authority and rules. They don’t care.

I haven’t seen a dumber foul than the one upyou mentioned on the 3 pt shot. What a momentum killer and a gift!

Well that foul is a carbon copy of several the hogs commuted last season. We haven’t had that issue yet but it will happen. It sure turned Ole Mo going back in favor of VCU.

LSU also don’t get away with the way they mounted their comeback against our hogs in Baton Rouge last year beating us up!
There was a foul on VCU a few possessions prior to The 3 point foul that wasn’t called that should have been called as well!
Will Wade for out coached. The horses LSU has weren’t able to stay on the floor because of foul trouble! With the inside presume sitting on the bench VCU took it too LSU. It will hurt the SEC net ratings as well as the RPI is these teams fail to win in their conferences!