LSU game

The Arkansas-LSU game will begin at 6:30 p.m. on SEC Network. … t-kickoff/

Those who wanted a night game, you got one. Doesn’t matter to me either way.

Accuweather extended forecast: High of 50 next Saturday, dipping below freezing overnight.

well the cold weather might help us b/c LSU had their dobbers dusted last night and will not be really motivated to play a team as woeful as we have looked so if we can score 24 we might can shock the world b/c Burrow is not a great QB and their OL is not that great.I say run blitz the heck out of them and make Burrow beat us if not they will ram it down our throat in all likelyhood.

Oops! Will have to cancel those Saturday night dinner reservations in Bentonville…

Somebody might ought to tell CCM that LSU doesn’t like to play in the cold weather. Remember how they were ready to get out of the cold weather that night in Fayetteville in 2014 in the 17-0 Hog victory?

Amen. Layer up, Hog Fans!