LSU Game

Moving on.

The LSU game has turned into a I think we should win game to a must win for Arkansas. Our next two games after are away games at Tennessee and Ole Miss. I still don’t think Ole Miss is as good as their record, but still could easily be a loss if we play like we did last night.

LSU is athletic and physical. They’ve got bigs that can compete with Gafford and two very quick guards.

We must make them a jump shooting team. If we let their guards penetrate, they’ll kill us. Make them shoot the 3 ball. Also, we must rebound. We’ve doing well defensively, but we have got to make them a one and done team on their shots.

I’m not the coach, but I would start Sills over Joe to start the game strictly for defensive purposes to cover their guards. I would also like to see Chaney start because he has the physical tools to hold his ground against their bigs. Their aggressive and are prone to foul trouble, so we must not settle for jump shots but patiently wait for our moments to attack and draw fouls.

We just don’t have enough talented offensive players to start Sills ahead of Joe, I don’t believe. We need Jones and Joe shooting well to have a chance to beat LSU. Who can shoot the ball from outside dunk range besides Jones and Joe? Harris is a solid point guard, but his shooting is just brutally bad from the arc…

I agree that Reggie Chaney should start…in fact, I believe he should have been starting all year to get experience before conference play. He has some nice upside while Gabe and Adrio have been inconsistent. But Mike for some reason has not let Chaney play much and here we are at conference time with Chaney still not ready to start.

Gabe shows some promise, but Mike needs to put the rule on him…you shoot a 3 and you ride the pine. He needs to do what he does best…rebound, play defense and do the dirty work. I call this the Jim Counce rule.

Mike better be careful or we will have another unhappy player! We lose another to transfer and it’s start over time again!

lol . . . I said, essentially, the same thing about 4 or 5 games ago, and the guys I watch with (at sports bar) shouted me down (I said it right after one of his rare 3 point makes). I told them that there is a lot to like in Gabe’s game - hustle, rebounding, good defense and - in particular - his ability to draw charges. But shooting - especially from long-range, is NOT one of them. Neither is something else I’ve caught him doing a few times, and that’s acting like he’s LeBron on a fast break. His role, should he get his hands on a loose ball in a fast break situation, is to get it to a ball-handler as soon as possible, and then go fill a lane. He has no business trying to run point on the break - and yet, I’ve witnessed him doing it a few times (never to a positive conclusion).

If he can exclude those two “bad” areas from his game, he’s one of our more productive players, per minute played.

By the way - my cohorts don’t disagree with me about this anymore, now that I’ve brought it to their attention and revisited it a few times since.

Gabe is a train wreck waiting to happen on offense. There’s no other way to explain it!
Making a pass from the corner inside when it’s not there. Jacking up 3’s. He also let a player take an uncontested shot last night from 3 feet. I haven’t looked to see how horrible he shots free throws but I know it’s not good.
His upside is on the defensive end. He needs to gain experience on offense and he’s getting every night. I hope Chaney can show up and play well.
The LSU game is a toss up. Which group of hogs show up to play will decide.
I don’t expect the hogs to beat Tennessee but I do expect them to play hard.
Ole Miss will be a rough game and they will beat us at the free throw line as they have in the past.

if we would play the whole 40 minutes like we did the last five we can play with a lot of teams LSU size is going to present a tremendous challenge for us… we better hope we’re hitting 3’s or it’s going to be a long day.

The ball needs to go inside. The hogs had Florida in foul trouble and stopped going inside to Gafford. Even if he don’t put it up it needs to go inside. Moving the ball by passing is what they need to do. The free throw line is empty when we’re on offense. What I mean is we never get the ball to that part of the floor. You can’t knock a hole in the court and improve your offense.

The free throw line may kill the hogs again if they don’t start knocking them down.
Last night Tulsa missed numerous free throw late that allowed Cinny to tie get the game to overtime and get beat. It reminded me of the Texas game.

The reason I suggested Sills start was because of his defensive abilities. LSU has two guards(May and Waters) that are quick and floor generals on the court. Harris is a decent defender, but Sills is our best on ball defender and I would love to see the match up between him and Waters. If we can knock out their guards early defensively, we can shut down their whole offense.

The LSU point guard was simply great against us in Bud Walton last year. Maybe Sills could guard him all game…it may be the ticket to slowing them down. Last year he just wore us out…a one man gang.

I am curious to see what Coach Anderson does with this team the rest of the year. This thing could get pretty good or it could go sideways. I thought we looked very promising in the first few games…we don’t look so good now. I guess it is the competition.

The game is on.

I think every SEC game has become a must win for most everybody in the conference from this point. Just by looking at recent upsets that have already taken place at home & on the road.

Execution at critical points of the game have been our demise whether it’s starting the game midway or at the end it’s hurt us repeatedly. Good news is that we continue to be a very talented team that has one game more experience than we had on Wednesday, hopefully we come out focused with a short memory of last game and move forward. I think we have a great opportunity to win today but it will come down to execution and taking advantage of opportunities that are presented. WPS

Especially at the rim and free throw line.

We got better at rebounding, so hopefully the FT % goes up next along cutting down on TO’s.
I look for Gafford to be more involved & outside shots to fall against LSU.

LSU has a good team… it will interesting to see how they play us defensively. It will take our best game of the year to beat them.

Guys all these coaching suggestions are good. But you have to remember Mike Anderson is the coach. He has only one strategy. The hogs will play “community center” ball and he will substitute based on how many minutes he wants someone to play. It doesn’t matter if a player hits 3 shots in a row, when it is time to come out his replacement will come in for no particular reason.

The hogs will jack it up from outside and if they shoot well they will win, if not, they will lose. That is of course if the other team is not scoring every trip down the floor.

When he calls time out he will say two things. We need more stops and need to make more shots. He might add we need more energy. But he will make o adjustments or give them anything to do differently to help win. #fastest 40 not

From a season standpoint, this LSU game, at home, is a must win. Looking at how other teams in the league are playing makes me wonder whether we even have a chance of getting to a post-season tournament. And, we have to play Texas Tech, a top 10 team, on the road. Kentucky, Tennessee, Miss State, & Auburn are all ranked. Alabama is getting votes. Georgia beat the Ga Tech team that beat us. South Carolina beat the Florida team that beat us. Ole Miss beat Auburn. This is not an promising schedule to eek out 20 wins, which is what I believe it will take for Hogs to get to the NCAA. We must win at home from here on out and capture a few road games to even have a chance. That won’t be easy.

Agree with Moark. The problem is CMA. We simply do not play fundamentally sound defense, and our offense is often times reduced to jacking up 3 pointers in the second half and hoping somebody gets hot. This LSU game looks a lot like last year’s game. We have no answer for their point guard, again, which just amazes me. CMA needs to go – the sooner the better.