LSU game thread

Austin was taking snaps from Zach.

Tiger Stadium is my second favorite I’ve been to in the SEC, behind Bama.

Austin taking reps with the ones in the walk through.

That was obviously not the way to start - fumbling the kickoff and forced to start inside the 5.

Allen starts, but 3 and out.

No it’s not but at least we survived to punt.

D-Line held their own - other than the first LSU offensive play.

Knock on wood.

Considering the start, I’m pleased to be where we are right now. The holding penalty helped, but the sack was nice. Now let’s start over with the offense with a bitt better field position than we began the game with.

Too many passes . Establish the run straight at them.

I’m tired of our poor pass defense. 3 down and 5 and we give a 10 yard cushion. Plain and simple stupid.

So far our guys are playing hard nosed football.

I like it.

Defense has played pretty well. Now we get the break on the missed FG. At least we’re still in the game.

Cole a possession and see if you can get a spark.

Enos will be quite trying to get wide.!
The refs missed a targeting on LSU the hit on AA should have been called

I’ll agree with Kelly coming in.

The screen game has been solid for three games now.

Impressed with the defensive Louisiana Hogs, who have already made several plays

Forearm to the chin of AA…I suppose that is legal?

No, it was a legal hit.

The golden throat dudes said he was limping pre-game.

Need to give the D a rest.

There is the blown coverage that was missing.

Sheesh, not sure what henre was doing there.

Can’t believe they missed that targeting call, clearly hit AA in the head.