LSU/GA game

I hope like the dickens LSWHO loses this game.
I’m sick of all the talking heads slobbering over the chances of LSWHO being in the National Tournament!

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The number of upsets in other conference tournaments will determine LSU’s fate, but if there aren’t a lot of upsets, I think LSU should be deserving of one of the at-large spots.

With the exception of the conference record, LSU’s resume is real similar to South Carolina’s, and South Carolina is in the running to host a regional.

South Carolina (33-21)
RPI: 16
SOS: 2
Q1 Record: 11-18
Q2 Record: 8-1

LSU (34-21)
RPI: 22
SOS: 3
Q1 Record: 10-15
Q2 Record: 10-3

I figure LSU gets in the NCAA. Not saying I pull for that team, but they have a case.

Thanks, guys! I hate it when facts get in the way of feelings!
I just don’t like LSU. In any sport. Anyway, I still hope they lose. But that’s just me.

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Georgia is rocking Landon Marceaux and leads 4-1 in the first inning.

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Yeah, the Ga pitcher kinda settled down a little after the first inning.

Georgia is up 4-1 after four innings. It’s pretty apparent Georgia is throwing its best arms tonight to do everything it can to advance to the double-elimination round. Remember the Bulldogs are without Ryan Webb for the rest of the season.

If I remember correctly, didn’t this Woods kid for GA pitch us pretty well?

I thought Woods was Georgia’s best pitcher against Arkansas. He threw four scoreless innings in Game 2.

I remember that we struggled against him.

Ga wins get ready for the big LH who mowed us down 6 inn 3 hits 11 K hopefuly Lockhart is on

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