LSU friends call it, “3rd and Chavis”

While he clearly has SEC experience that other coaches on this roster lack, I’ve been reminded what some LSU friends said when we made the hire as to their frustrated LSU views of him at one point.

Four drives against us in second half.

In fairness, maybe we don’t have the players he needs but I would have thought enough to beat a weak 0-2 team.

Hopefully the D can show more as real offenses are coming our way soon.

I think what we saw last night is that our first team Defense is not too bad, but we have no depth. They clearly ran out of gas and had nothing left at the finish. This could have been averted if we had continued to do what was clearly working Offensively. Just keep pounding the football. moving the chains and keeping our Defense off the field. I know that isn’t sexy and is not the brand we are promoting, but first order of business should be winning games. The undersized, injury depleted CSU Defense should have been the ones gasping for air in the Fourth Quarter, but we threw them a lifeline by playing into our weakness.

You are absolutely correct in my eyes. We should have kept running the ball and it would protect our defense. It was also noticeable that we played a lot of reserves at CB with Tutt and McClellion in the 4th Qtr. We brought Pulley back in to cover their #11 yet still didn’t give him safety support on #11. #11 is unstoppable on slants if you don’t sneak a defender in his slant alley. One thing that is not talked about is the CSU QB is quite good and puts the ball on the money.