LSU football raking in the cash

According to the Advocate, they took in $85 million on football last year, yielding a profit of $55 million. The Louisiana legislative auditors went through the LSU books and the Advocate got a copy of their report.

I’d be really curious how the numbers break down for our program.

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Probably be in June before we get our numbers.

I suspect the Razorback Foundation would have to turn loose of its numbers in order to obtain an accurate depiction of football program profits. I also suspect the Razorback Foundation is not susceptible to public information requests, and would fight like hell to avoid the releasing the type of information. Unless the Louisiana Legislature audit committee had subpoena power, I’m not sure how it was able to obtain the LSU TAF foundation revenue and profit numbers. Maybe it did have subpoena power, given the government financial crisis down there and legislative investigations of it.