LSU football gets level II violation and probation

I m sure more to come but it is starting to bear fruit

The dreaded “placed on probation” moniker, er penalty.

Doesn’t look like they got a bowl ban , with the probation

I think they have decided bowl bans punish the players for something that wasn’t their fault, which makes some sense. Also, bowl ban for Level II probably isn’t going to happen anyway. Now Level I is another issue. And there are still Level I charges out there which are part of the football/basketball IARP case that also includes Will Wade’s SAO.

Here’s a breakdown of those charges from the Baton Rouge paper in March:

Hopefully I’ll live to see LSU given their punishment for SAO. But I’d not bet on it. The NCAA is impotent. Duh…

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That in part is why the NCAA is shutting down IARP. It was supposed to speed things up. It didn’t. Only one IARP case has been resolved, involving NC State basketball. It will work through the current case backlog, including SAO and Show Cause Self, and then dissolve.

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This isn’t the big 1! LSU still has another investigation in the works.

Hopefully :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: they get nailed

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