LSU-Florida postponed due to hurricane

The two teams don’t have a common open date the rest of the year, so this is going to be a huge mess. The conference is not going to want a team from each division playing one less conference game, especially one between two schools still(at this point) in the race for a conference championship.

Both teams have non-conference home games on November 19th so theoretically South Alabama (LSU) and Presbyterian (Florida) could be bought out to clear the date.

LSU may not think that is such a hot idea, since they will lose the net revenue from a home game. Florida, of course, does not want to lose a conference home game, and will argue that both teams are losing a home game. LSU will likely respond that they should not suffer financially because of Florida’s weather. The last thing LSU needs is an unexpected revenue loss of several hundred thousand dollars at a time when they are buying out one coach and hiring a new one.

Florida or the conference may have to throw some bucks to LSU to make it work, probably not enough to replace all the lost LSU revenue, but enough to take some of the sting out.

If Florida stays in contention for the east, this game will have to be played. It won’t make LSU happy having to end with three straight road games and lose some home revenue, but this wasn’t going to be a normal year for the Tigers anyway.

The South Carolina-Georgia game at Columbia will now be played on Sunday.