LSU fans

Most of my LSU friends in LR and Dallas are pretty down about their 2018 season.

I was checking in at the airport in Vegas this am, the baggage lady had LSU hat and laniard, so I said I was a big fan, gave her an SEC fist bump, all was good till I said “ good luck this fall”

She launches into a diatribe about how terrible the program is, no qb, not going to win anything, etc. I tried to cheer her up, but even on a beautiful Sunday am, she was staying mad, just thinking about their program.

I guess LSU fandom is just really down on coach O? Have you guys had similar experiences?

It was kinda sad, I really felt bad for her.


I think most are down some. Perhaps not that bad, but still down. Coach O better produce.

The difference between them and us. They have SEC players and a down yr. is 9 wins. Us - well we know. Hope to somehow someway get to 6 with 2 or 3 SEC players.

Colorado, you are correct about Coach O producing - my LSU buddies down here are not happy that he brought Steve E. back as the Offensive Coordinator. They are not counting on the Tigers having a good year at all with the same offense they had during Les’s last couple of years

On top of all of that, they smell like corndogs. :smiley: