LSU fans...NCAA

Had dinner with 2 good friends, both huge LSU fans both were happy that they are going to KEEP Wade as head bball coach.

These are 2 educated, successful people, great dads. Not toothless Hogville type fans.

I literally couldn’t believe they’d support such blatant cheating, they both said “that’s college athletics “.

I said if Auburn and LSU are allowed to cheat so blatantly, then there should literally be no rules at all. They just shrugged.

Which really begs the question, why does the NCAA even exist anymore?

Where are college athletes headed?

Very frustrating


LSU’s three best underclassmen declared for the draft. Not sure if any hired an agent, but it suggests that they are not real confident about sticking around another year.

Naz Reid did.

The woman who does my job the other 12 hours of the day is an Auburn fan. We were talking this morning at shift change, and she was bemoaning the foul call. Knowing I was a Hog, she asked if there was any SEC loyalty about last night. I told her that from my viewpoint, her favorite school is, shall we say, ethically challenged, both in the basketball and football programs. She kinda grinned and nodded. As long as they beat Bama, she said, nobody cares.

And also Waters and Mays