LSU down big to Louisiana Tech

Tech is up 7-0 in the sixth inning in Baton Rouge. I don’t put a lot of stock into midweek games on their own, but those games do sometimes have an effect the following weekend. It’ll be interesting to see if this gets LSU’s focus right or lingers into the series here in Fayetteville.

Louisiana Tech won 12-1. The Bulldogs out-hit the Tigers 17-4.

LSU has lost to five in-state opponents this year - Northwestern State, McNeese State, Southern, Louisiana Tech and Louisiana-Lafayette.

I scrolled through the LSU baseball website of this game. Looks similar to our 2nd game with TX, where we threw a bunch of younger pitchers. That doesn’t account for the lack of LSU hitting though. I’m sure they’re resting up for the Hogs.

No SEC connection, but #1 UCLA is hosting Long Beach State tonight, and the Beach is horrible (11-34) this year. In spite of that, the game has gone to the 11th inning. The Dirtbags have only four hits (two coming in the top of the 11th) but got one run out of it, same as UCLA managed with seven hits. I’m following this to see just how much of an RPI hit UCLA will take playing a bad team – even if they manage the extra-inning win.

Beach hit into a double play with two men on and UCLA now batting, still tied 1-1.

I understand LSU’s pitching health has taken a hit lately, but the results of this game sure make it sound like they didn’t even show up.

There’s something about that I find both nauseating and reprehensible this week. (If you didn’t want to play LaTech the week of the Arkansas series don’t schedule accordingly :roll: .)

I don’t like LSU either! The hogs need to score early and often and keep tacking on runs. I’d like a sweep but would take a series win.
Hess is capable of going 9 innngs especially against the hogs! Don’t underestimate the opponent in any game. I hope we can railroad them in Game 1 and game 2! So game 3 the hogs can relax and just play ball.
It was nice watching LA Tech pound LSU !

We have a better team, period… let’s do what we should do.

I agree, and I think if it were any other team coming in this weekend, Arkansas’ fan base would feel confident about winning the series. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two teams.

ERA: Arkansas 4.00; LSU 4.66.
Earned Runs Per Game: Arkansas 7.63; LSU 5.42.
Batting Average: Arkansas .309; LSU .273.
Opponent Batting Average: Arkansas .227; LSU .250.
Slugging Percentage: Arkansas .504; LSU .411.
On-Base Percentage: Arkansas .410; LSU .359.
Fielding Percentage: Arkansas .971; LSU .977.