Lsu defense has given up

9 tds in 8 games, yikes.

Alabama was able to get 1. How many could they have gotten on us? It is going to be very difficult. Our Oline improved against FL, but as Drew said, this is a whole nother animal coming into Fayetteville. That Oline had better really step up a whole bunch from where it has been.

Bama could not run a lot on them. Can we ? AA can throw, but will he have time? They could not block Bama or Auburn. Lsu is the same or better.

Because of LSU’s speed, I expect them to run right at them. Pretty much like Fla. game.

Bama was hampered by a freshman QB. He can run, but they were concerned about his passing. LSU treated him like a tailback.

They will get up-field against our oline and BAM Whaley gets 50 yards on a little slip screen.

we’ve got to force it to be where Danny Etling has to beat us when they have the ball and we have to be balanced enough to give Austin some time to take some shots.

Defensive game plan is basically the same as it has been the last two years. They have had talented receivers, and great backs the whole time. Their offensive line has been somewhat overrated for 3-4 years. It helped immensely last year that their OL was also beat up. It’s a big OL, but it is solvable.

Their interior DL while good, is not great. We’ve got to keep Arden Key from being a Sportcenter Highlight machine in the pash rush and attack their safeties/linebackers in the pass game. Their CB’s are in the same class as Florida’s/Bama’s.

It’s about physicality on offense and landing enough body blows to get what we need. On defense it is about stopping their backs before they get going and to get to them in numbers.

We need our kicking game to at least break even if not win their part.

Couldn’t you have just stopped with LSU defense has given up? The rest of your post has me scrambling for a safe space. Maybe it’s because of how well we’ve played against them lately, but I still like our chances. They can’t beat us if they can’t score, and their offense with it’s non running threat QB doesn’t much scare me. I see a low scoring game that will probably be decided by turnovers and special teams.

Bama has given up 12 TDs in 9 games, but 4 of those were to us. That makes 8 TDs in their other 8 games. Hopefully, we’ll increase LSU’s numbers just like we did Bama’s.

I’m just not all that concerned about LSU’s offense, which makes me think we won’t have to score more than about 24 points.

As always, the key is to be balanced. That starts with the running game. It is not ever easy to run the ball. One of the big questions in my mind, can Johnny Gibson maintain the level of play from last week. It gets easier if he can do that.

I expect to see a lot of quick short & intermediate passes down the center of the field to keep their LB’s from crashing the line of scrimmage

If we’re getting into stats, we scored 30 on Bama and LSU scored a big, fat 0.

I agree about the QB last week from Bama playing him to run. And also about we were able to score against Bama. The question will be making LSU throw under pressure if we don’t have pressure he can throw it some. Pressure is the key.
Our defense will decide this game. Stop the run. And sound special teams.
Consider the turnovers we had in the Bama game. Take those 3 gift TD’s off the scoreboard and it’s a ballgame. We are not the same team on defense and should be able to hold up. Our offense will score.

Hogs 28.
LSU 16.

I hope. I also hope Coach O ends up being with the Hogs next year on Coach B’s staff

I look for them to be a somewhat tender this week agains the run because they just had a slug out with bama. Its always good to catch them after bama, its hard to come back the next week and go right into another knock down drag out. If we get to hitting them and the crowd gets into it we should walk away with the win again.

15 plays of over 20 yards this season coming into the Arkansas game.

The Razorbacks had 16 by themselves in last week’s game.

It’s about that day - or night - on the field.

No worries about Hogs challenging that?