LSU ' Cupcake ' Tigers

Might be the weakest team left on our schedule. Is the seat getting hot in Baton Rogue? What has Coach O done for them lately? I guess you get what you pay for and the tigahs are not paying enough to keep some of those guys out of the NFL. What’s more, covid could have a real effect on that program. Severely limits the number of wealthy former players on the sidelines available for post game hand shakes.

I’m afraid Coach O will soon take the path of Gene Chizik at Auburn, one shinning moment with one tremendously talented roster and a national champion and then shown the door a couple of year later.

You may be on to something dfarris. I thought he was a horrible hire but he sure hit pay dirt last year. Then again I thought Chad was a good hire. We shall see.

I actually thought (think) he was a good hire. He knows the culture and he actually is a good coach. How any coach could survive all the losses from their National Championship team (players AND coaches) is beyond me. Of course, if they get rid of him, it might easily be for a lesser coach.

Perfect fit for LSU., but another loss or two and they will be after him. You know the whole feeding the monster deal.

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