LSU crowds

Looked anemic this entire series. If they lead the nation in attendance, it’ll be on tickets sold, not on butts in seats. I know they’re down this year, but I’d think Baum would’ve been much more full if we were playing the #5 team in perfect weather & needed to win to get into the NCAA.

LSU fans are frontrunners. About like a lot of people here. If you don’t win enough to suit them, they find excuses not to show up. Remember when we beat them in football in '15 and the stadium was two-thirds empty halfway through the fourth quarter?

All of the attendances submitted to the NCAA are for tickets sold. LSU always has a high number of season ticket sales - somewhere in the range of 8,000 or 9,000. That is more than most ballparks hold, so LSU is always going to report the highest attendance.

There were 10,932 tickets sold today.

If if half showed up, that’s 21000 plus Possum Dogs on a stick…

When Arkansas is having a down season, attendance falls at Baum, too. It’s just the way of the world. It can be a loud and raucous atmosphere. They deal at Alex Box is for the fans to ride the umpire on every pitch. If you listen to the sound mic on radio or TV, you can hear them boo on almost every close strike/ball call that doesn’t go their way.

In a way I don’t suppose it matters, but I wish they’d have two separate figures: One for tickets sold & another for actual butts in the seats. There’s no real need to even estimate that anymore. They read the bar graphs on tickets held by people entering the stadium these days. I’m sure those are immediately sent to a central computer. Just announce how many people (tickets) actually got scanned to allow a fan into the stadium.

They do have two figures when they announced just like everybody else.

LSU legitimately leads the nation in attendance in most if not almost every year.

I don’t question that. However, from what I could see on TV from all 3 games this weekend, they won’t lead in actual attendance this year. I am sure they’ve still sold the most tickets.

Am I correct that “announced attendance” is no longer estimated by eyesight, but is in fact the tickets counted as fans come through the gate?

We do the same. Report tickets sold not actual butts in seats.

I don’t think LSU differentiates between tickets sold and actual attendance like Arkansas does. The announced attendance there, from what I have observed, is the number of tickets sold, not the number of people who attend.

No. We announce both.

Arkansas announces both to the media, but the figure it lists in the box score and turns in to the NCAA are for tickets sold.

I have no problem with that. However, we get to see how many people actually showed up–and I assume this is from the actual ticket count at the gate & not from someone’s eyeball estimate.

Anyone know who the older couple were dressed in Arkansas shirts at every game right behind home plate? Big, gray-headed, older guy and younger lady with long dark hair. They must have a friend who is a big LSU donor to get those seats.