LSU Coaching Search

In talking with a couple of folks it looks as if the LSU coaching search will be a battle royal. The rank and file fans want Coach O but many $$$ boosters and administration believe that while he may give a short-term shot in the arm to the team he is not a long term answer. They just do not believe he can effectively manage a program and that in 4-5 years they will be conducting another search with the program in disarray were he to be hired. They believe O’s ceiling is as a coordinator. They would love to find a way to make not hiring O palatable to fans.

Will be interesting…

In that case, it sounds just like the situation at tu

Strong never had a chance with the high-rollers against him from the beginning.

If they were smart, the would be a little innovative and hire a Football Director (new position) that does not coach but runs the program. Find an ex-HC that was great at admin, but not at recruiting and close to retirement age to run the operations.

8 minutes in 4th and Florida is on the 3 yard line tied 10 to 10

They want Jimbo
Well see if that happens
Lots of people in Louisiana thinks they have a say in the matter

The Fallopian high rollers didn’t want a black coach. And nothing has happened since to change their minds.

Personally, Jimbo doesn’t scare me as a head coach at LSU. I concur that Coach O is a better coordinator and motivator than a head coach. Would be good in short term but not for the future of the program.

However, I feel confident that we can all agree that we only want what’s worst for LSU. :smiley:

You got that right.

Jimbo is making $5 million a year in an easier conference. Why would he leave? He can win an NC by beating Clemson, Louisville and Florida, instead of running a Alabama-Auburn-Florida-A&M-Arkansas-MSU-Ole Miss gauntlet.

You can take the coach out of LSU, but you can’t take LSU out of the coach. Too much talent on that field to lose like that.

Read an article this week saying this same thing. Very valid point. … c-west/amp

But they thought they were over their botching of late and close situations when they fired Les.

It’s pretty hard to have a botched play like that after a timeout but they did. And, I believe the culprit was the QB, who was smart enough to get into Purdue.

The thing that scares me about Coach O, is that I think he has learned from his previous stints as a head coach. He has always been great on the recruiting trail and if he has developed as a head coach, he could be really dangerous (especially at LSU.) That said, I doubt that he gets the opportunity after today’s loss.

Probably not. There is still a healthy percentage that want him. Admins don’t…