LSU coach said we were

going to win it. I think he and DVH have a mutual respect for each other.

HE did ask an very interesting question. Now there is a thread already about pitching. BUT lets take this farther.

The LSU coach asked do we play on Saturday or Sunday? Bo said 1 or 2 PM Sunday. And of course it’s Texas.

Paul said that’s kind of to bad in that if it was Saturday we could keep our same rotation with 2 wins. Is that correct in what he said?

So if we win Sunday we play Tuesday win or lose vs Florida/ TT winner or loser.

So if we win both will Blaine not be ready for the next game?? And our regular rotation?

A LOT of big IF"S but jujst wondering.

ANYONE care to wade in?? or lose game 2. HATE to think about losing game 1. (MAKES MY HEAD HURT)

Blaine should go Sunday at 1 pm against Horns. Win or lose, Murphy on Game 2 Tuesday. That should set Campbell up for the third start, hopefully in the winners’ bracket side of the championship. Win that and you’re into the championship series and back to Knight and Murphy for the first two games.

The teams that win their first two games play on 6/22.

For teams from our bracket that is only five days after first game
For teams that start Saturday it is six days

I think Manieri just meant it would be easier to bring back your #1 on six days instead of five

But if we win the first 2 games we move all the way out to Saturday.

That would give Knight 6 days rest.

OR I guess the quesstion is when is game 3 in the winners bracket and HOW MUCH rest do each of our guys need?

I understand the 1, 2 , 3 rotation we have had all along but isn’t there time to go back to our #1 guy???

OK. What are the rest days for Blaine and Casey??

Just depends upon if you want to go back to him or keep him for the championship series. Obviously you’ve got to get to the championship series first, but if you’re 2-0 going into that bracket championship, then you might hold him, knowing that if you lose, you can always pitch him in the loser-go-home game (in which all hands would be on deck).

If we’re going to look at this from a rotation standpoint let’s also consider game situations.
Game 1. Blaine Knight start and if the hogs build a big lead Blaine could get to the the 5th or 6 inning and you pull him. Pitch count kept minimal!
Game 2. Casey Murphy the same would apply!
Game 3. Campbell how long he can stay under control and effective will be key as well.
Time and score as well as pitch count!
Being able to manage your pitchers will be dictated by what is happening in the game.

Management of the bullpen will be most important. Cronnin, Loeske, Rheindl, Ramage and maybe even Bonnin! That’s where the end game happens.
In a perfect world your stater gives you 6 or 7 innings and the score dictates each game who comes on in relief. Keeping your closer rested in early games with minimal use would be preferred.
I would hope that every pitcher we have on our roster is able to get at least one appearance in Omaha. If it’s only for 1 out!
Sont burn a bull pen arm too early!

Reindl will be a big key for us,he wasn’t sharp at all this weekend,he will have to be on his game for us to be at our best.