LSU Coach calls Vitale a liar

Who are we rooting for in this game? #Asking for a friend

Well, it takes one to know one. Will Wade talking about a lack of honesty by any other human being is amusing.


So if a liar says someone is lying, does that mean the someone is actually telling the truth?


Boom goes the dynamite.

Will Wade is a typical gangster. He should have been fired long ago. LSU will pay for backing their lying SAO coach. When he gets fired I hope he gets a 10 year show cause and LSU get the same. If there’s has ever been a case of lack of institutional control this is one of them. How in the heck do you give this idiot his job back after he failed to talk to you! Then re work his contract and Slick Will Wade takes a pay cut and agrees that if LSU receives a NOA from the NCAA he can be fired and LSU owes him “0”! This is not something a innocent man does.
The sad thing about this is simple there are several more head coaches in the same boat. The only school to fire their coach was Louisville and their fires coach has already resurfaced and has his new team in the dance.

Agree with the sentiment a hundred and ten percent! But at this point after so much time has passed don’t y’all think it’s fair to assume they don’t have any hard evidence on will wade that would stick in court? I mean obviously we know what strong a$$ offer means, but it doesn’t take that great of a lawyer to show there’s no proof of what we think it means. LSU doesn’t care if he pays players. He cares if he gets caught and gets the program in trouble with the NCAA. Same goes for the fbi they only care about wire fraud and some other narrowly defined criminal acts. I think we need to get our hopes up about beating the tigers on the court before we get our hopes up about will wade ever facing any job consequences for being a slime ball at LSU

Think you are right. I don’t think they have proof of Wade actually paying any player. I don’t think NCAA can do much beyond a slap on the wrist for making a strong ass offer. LSU administration knows this. That is why they have retained Wade. Remember FBI didn’t do anything to a Wade either.

And it seems Wade is not worrying about this either. He is eating well and packing weight.

Paying a player is not against federal law, just NCAA rules. That’s why the FBI didn’t touch Wade. They nabbed assistant coaches who paid or received bribes from handlers, potential agents or business managers.

We don’t know yet what Javonte Smart told the FBI and the NCAA yet. Under Oath I assume.

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