LSU Clinic

LSU coaches and players put on a clinic in BWA last night, as to how basketball should be played. Two guards took turn dribble driving the ball into AR defense, dishing it to their Bigs for easy finish, layups or dunk. Then again passed the ball around and inside out to anyone open for a three; what they missed took care of it by put-backs and rebounds. On defense, they took care of 3 players that AR depends on for scoring. Their Bigs pushed our Center off the block and away from his comfort zone, and others denied him the ball to go inside. Our two scoring guards were hounded and pushed away preventing penetration. All was left jump shots that we couldn’t hit, they rebounded and ran for easy scores time after time. The game was over in the first seven minutes. This team needs three other dependable scorers if they are going to survive the season. Because our main three are going to be treated the same way by every team and every game. Take out one or two of those three, AR is done.
This is a depth issue and a serious one. What happens the rest of season, I am not predicting.

Same song 3rd verse…for 7 years