LSU building a wall....

I just wonder if our Michael Smith, mild recruiting success in Louisiana will continue, given Orgeron’s new efforts to build a wall around the state. Look at this article and the note in it that Arkansas was excluded from a camp at Orgeron’s request, apparently:

Paranoid, LSU? What to make of Tigers’ border war with Longhorns, rest of college football … st-country

The thing hurting Arkansas is the lack of spots in the 18 class. It’s a very good year in La. and you’re limited in what you can do.

Coach O will hurt himself by attempting to wall up the state! It won’t last. There’s no way for him to sign all the talent in Louisiana. What he may do is make people mad when kids end up getting the short end. It’s not about anything other than kids! The game has become all about money! This changes my mind about coach O. He’s just a little to bold with this.

He may hurt himself in places like Texas where they may say every school in Louisiana is welcomed at camps except LSU. Florida could do the same, especially if other schools in Louisiana complain. Hal Mumme may not carry enough weight considering where he’s coaching, but he might convince some others that they are being hurt by the Tyrant of Baton Rouge.

We ought to schedule camps at SAU and UAM which are close enough for North LA kids to come to easily.