LSU Boards

The LSU boards are in meltdown mode… “17 returning starters, unfortunately one of them is Brandon Harris”. I wanted them to win, but seeing other SEC schools suffer does bring a slight smile to my face. I do get how it helps “us” and the SEC longterm to win, but for better or worse I feel warm inside if only for a moment.

If we would have lost, what do you think our Boards would look like :?: :?:

They’re bad enough anyway. That’s one good thing about attending the home games – I’m not tempted to read the board during the game. We might be up by 6 touchdowns but this board will always find the dark cloud around the silver lining. :roll:

Perfect storm for the demise of Les. It has only just begun on the LSU boards.

We will get a lot of Louisiana recruits to visit this fall because the rumors of a change in Red Stick.

Careful what we wish for…
LSU with a Tom Herman type coach would be really good with that talent.

Exactly, we need Les Miles to stick around. IMO he is gone, and I don’t want them with a good coach. They have too much talent in LA, and the right coach like a Tom Herman will be a better recruiter and have them rolling.

We know it will not be Jimbo which is a shame.

I have said for years we must keep Les at LSU. That gives us a chance. Gosh, what if Skip moved south. Very impressed with his coaching. Yep, let’s keep Less at LSU.

I don’t want Les gone but I don’t want them 14-0 and winning a NC… that result doesn’t help our recruiting in Louisiana. The only way for us to move toward an SEC championship is for Bama and LSU to start losing an occasional game.

Have not looked, but I bet the Auburn board is not happy with Gus’s QB follies last night…

The last thing I want is Les to leave LSU. I was pulling for them to beat Wisc. There’s only one game I want them to lose the rest of the year, but I suspect they’ll lose a couple more–and not necessarily to us. Les isn’t a bad coach. Bad coaches don’t have his longterm record. But he’s not the game day coach some others are & I’d hate some of them to land in Baton Rouge.

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