LSU blows big lead at Ole Miss

LSU had a chance to sweep Ole Miss today and led 9-1 in the eighth inning. The Rebels scored eight runs with two outs to tie it in the eighth, then won with a walk-off home run on the first pitch of the ninth.

Paul Mainieri was ejected during the eighth-inning meltdown.

It’s unfortunate that either one of those teams had to win, but I’m glad SAO didn’t get a sweep going into our visit to the Box.

That’s good to hear! LSU don’t need the old MO when that darn possum is liable to show up anytime at the Box.
I hope our hogs play well and get off to a good start.

At first I was glad Ole Miss was losing, then when it started looking like a sweep was imminent, I began thinking we would be catching a suddenly hot LSU team feeling good about themselves. Now they leave Oxford with a completely deflating loss. Kind of a win -win for us. Ole Miss loses ground in the standings and LSU loses some increasing momentum

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Yeah. It’s a mixed curse/blessing. Hate to see either win, but I didn’t want either team to sweep. Glad LSU had such a deflating loss. We need to win the series at LSU. A sweep would be nice, but they’re not a bad team & since we’re playing at their place, we’ll have our hands full.

Tenn is beating A&M pretty easily last I looked. We’re not likely to increase our lead on them or Vandy this week. Might lose some ground.

Kevin Kopps only need stare at the possum, and it will keel over dead on the spot


Possum can’t hit the Kopps cutter, either. Clearly will play dead for three called strikes like Gamecocks.


Good one Clay!

I was just looking at the remaining SEC schedule. Vandy goes to Florida and to Ole Miss, while our only super-tough remaining road series is at Tennessee. If Moo U can do us a solid by taking at least one game from them, and we take care of business at the Box, I think we’re in good shape in the race.

Clay I don’t see anyone hitting off Kopps.

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