LSU beats the Gators

The Gators had stopped LSU and Wilson for the Gators got a stupid unsportsmanlike penalty to give them life that led to a game winning FG.

Kinda funny to see the Gators lose at home.


We played LSU at the wrong time. With their athletes and depth you knew they’d get better each game. Going back to game 1, MSU played a completely unprepared LSU team for their big win…of course, the Hogs got to play an already seasoned, healthy Georgia team…it’s just the way it goes.

I really like coach O, and mullen just irritates me for some reason. maybe it’s the visor, i don’t know.

but this game makes me happy!



Coach O is as dirty as they come. Always has been.

One thing in Coach O’s favor is that if deposed or interviewed about infractions no one could understand a work he said.

He is very entertaining.

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