LSU Athletic Director resigning

This can’t be good for the University.

Sounds like it came down to the AD or the money laundering coach and the powers that be at LSU chose money laundering. I think “Money Laundering” is a graduate level course in LSU’s Business Department and a very old SEC tradition.

Baton Rouge paper says the trustees are shoving Alleva out the door. Not giving much explanation as to why.

That sounds to me like the Trustees were pissed about the re-instatement of Wade. Especially with the timing of Aleva’s firing/resigning.

If that is true, then Wade shouldn’t be far behind on the way out the door!

Either way, someone has done the wrong thing in typical LSHoo fashion! :oops:

Just the opposite. The trustees were pissed he suspended the coach and wanted to fire him. Alleva knows what is about to happen and he is leaving before everyone at LSU ends up with a show cause. They’re banking on Wade being innocent.

I know an LSU fan and he is celebrating Alleva’s resigning. He was to “goody two shoes” for them.

Very possible, but I would guess it is the other way around, since the Trustees have a more vested interest in ALL things LSU and not just athletics. I guess we will find out soon enough, because if the Trustees disagreed with the reinstatement, they will most likely undo it in the next few days, if they can find a legal way to nuance it.

I think they made him re-instate Wade and he realized that he was just a paper AD with no real power. His only honorable move was to resign.

Neither side wants a protracted lawsuit with players, coaches, handlers, and parents testifying under oath. He will be dismissed with some kind of mutually acceptable settlement. They will either punish him for being bad by buying him out or they will reward him for being bad by letting him play on until convicted. My bet is on the play on option. They like being successful and don’t care what it takes to get there. JMVVVVHO.

I think there are 2 powerful groups at most large D-1 universities. Board of Trustees and “Powers that Be”. Frequently there will be a few “Powers that Be” appointed to the board of Trustees, but generally they are always in the minority of the Board. IMO, the “Powers that Be” (big money guys, generally sports related) would be the group wanting to keep Wade. The Board of Trustees, if they indeed forced the AD out, would be the group wanting nothing to do with Wade’s cheating ways. It’s also possible that the reference to “The Board of Trustees” is inaccurate and it was meant to mean the “Powers that Be”.

This story makes it sound like a faction within the trustees, big enough to shove him out. I agree that the PTB are probably ticked that Wade was suspended.
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From what I’ve been told from LSU people down there is that they sided w wade. No proof they say, the smart kid was reinstated after talking w AD and was cleared. Wade was not. Just win is their mantra and we will turn our head until someone can prove something. It’s not just basketball either. LSU thinks they have a fool proof system.

Works for Trump!

Who knows maybe they do have a fool proof system. Some other programs seem to have.

They have certainly proved their fool’s system is in place…

By my reading of several news reports, Alleva was forced/directed to suspend Wade by the LSU President.

Now Alleva is resigning after reinstating Wade, which seems to feed two possible narratives:

Alleva was trying to soft-pedal the discipline of the basketball program and the president had to force him to do the right thing with the suspension. When he reinstated Wade, the President let him know he’s gone.


Alleva was trying to do the right thing, was pressured into bringing him back by boosters/board members and is quitting as a matter of conscience or self-preservation. If this is the case, the president is probably on his way out too.

If it’s the second scenario, what does it say about LSU that Joe Alleva is the most ethical participant in this mess?