LSU at Arkansas game 3

I was typing that youdaman, then I see we had the same thought.

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Down 1 run after 2, but LSU’s 5 LOB gotta bum them.

Well, there comes the run. And runners on 2d and 3rd.

Fortunately, we kept it to 1 run. Bats need to wake up. I’m afraid LSU isn’t done scoring

Miss the pitch count…

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Yeah, I don’t know why they’re not showing that

Wiggins ain’t got it

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Well my live streaming shows another game under ark/lsu title on espn app.

Does Arkansas have a 3rd starter? Will not last long in postseason play.

Ironically Wiggins doesn’t have a loss
But he has been pretty inconsistent

Until last two weeks, when he has consistently struggled

Nope. He’s not pitching well at all. He’s given them lots of base runners through just 2 1/3 innings

We are so lucky to be down only 1 run

Wiggins is fighting. I like his work under pressure without his best stuff.

Woohoo I’m in business now!! Ok here we go!

This guy is changing speeds and we don’t have a clue so far

Wiggins suddenly pitching well in the 4th

We’re all over the warning track this weekend… :grimacing:

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Frustrating. We’re hitting the ball, but getting no production

Every single friggin inning they get at least two runners on base. We’ve been fortunate that Wiggins has pitched his way out of them.

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That smug arrogant LSU player got what they deserved.

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A great example of why you don’t show up the ump……