LSU at Arkansas game 3

It’s 54 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

About perfect for a 2:00pm game on April 16.

I’d prefer warmer, with less wind.

Speaking of wind, what’s the direction? NWS is showing wind out of the northeast which would blow from LF fair pole to RF fair pole.

Vastly prefer mid 60’s weather.

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That’s right, although right now it is out of the East, blowing straight to the plate.

Hopefully Wiggins will be Sharp give us a good clean first inning and maybe we can come in and jump on their guy for a few runs early

Sitting in the parking lot right now

Flag going straight NE to SW
pole to pole

Wiggins says no breaking ball he can throw for strikes so far. That will have to change

Ate you kidding me?? Right off the bat the bases are loaded for LSU.
Really need a strike out or two, or a DP.

Yeah because he can’t throw a strike but nothing with his fastball. And is having trouble with that

Well he just got his first K, for the second out.

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Yeah by far is best control

Well he got out of it unscathed. But he better come out in the second, pitching better than that.

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Great job of working out of it, another great pic by stovall

Glad we got out of that, but Wiggins makes me nervous

LSU is hitting Wiggins. Can’t let them keep this up

play with fire you going to get burned

Well, you keep playing with fire, you’re gonna get burned. Wiggins isn’t throwing fire, he’s playing with it.
Only got one run. Could have been worse.