LSU at Arkansas game 2

Right, on third with one out. Sort of a HS thing.

Someone else watch for 1st pitches. I gotta fight traffic and go eat somewhEre

Well it’s first pictures that are in the zone,not just to be swing at the first pitch ,it has to be in the zone, and then you go up there to crush it.

Elementary….make sure the ball gets out of the infield.

That was Ball 4 Bob

Quite a graphic on Moore. What has happened this soph season.

Once again we blow an opportunity to get the lead… you can’t do that against this kind of team!!

One thing about LSU’s pitcher, he sure is Money.

Sick about that inning. At least one run should’ve scored. The pitcher threw a bunch that inning but it’s not on the graphic, so it’s just a guess on how many. Over 20 I’m sure

Moore is battling .241 before that at bat. Certainly not typical Moore numbers.

I agree. We must out hit them as they have a tremendous OPS.

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Great job of mixing pitches Hagen!

Well we just have to take advantage of opportunities all we needed there was a fly ball to get our run in. Do the little things

So far so good for Smith!! Nice job!

Yep…but, still 0 to zero

Wind 1 Hogs 0

We are hitting the ball very well, but the wind is killing us.

We’re the warning track champs… :grimacing:

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No trophy for that.

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How many HRs would we have if the wind wasn’t blowing? 2-3?