LSU at Arkansas, game 1

Well all of my honey do’s and complete so it about time for a little “Hogs Baseball”!
Hoping for a good performance from Campbell and an offensive explosion from our Hogs!

Campbell gave up 1 and threw a lot of pitches…has he given up a run in the first before??

Campbell gave up the first hit after what should have been a K on a foul tip and Duplantis also stayed alive on afoul tip! Those 2 breaks allowed LSU to score.
Hilliard got nailed for the Homer by Martin and helped by Goodheart swinging out of the strike zone. Hilliard threw a lot of pitches too!

Need Campbell to get a few Ks and get in a groove here

Look at this @#$$_&- get the ball down!!!

42 pitches through 2…

Tighten up Campbell

The hogs just need to be patient at the plate and put a big inning together and get Hilliard in the stretch.

Let me give you a hint LH batters he is trying to jam you!!! 90% Of those CB are balls!

There ya go Casey!! Make him pay for it!!!

That ball Casey Optiz hit went out pretty quick! There may be several more homers before this night is over the ball is jumping out of Baum tonight!

Yeah Campbell has to get the ball down or he might give up some. He’s got a 95 mile an hour fastball throw it!

Watson you just got opirzed!! Join the club!

And on a pitch that struck out the batter. Does that mean Zay will see him again or will it go to the 5-hole? I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

The strikeout was out 3. The caught stealing doesn’t count, other than it might keep them from running on us later.

Boom hang that curveball again!!! Way to crush it Fletch

Swine that is what I initially thought! Still he would have been gunned :smile:

Now we have to have Campbell get in a groove he has not been sharp so far. Need a shutdown inning right here

Oh definitely.

Great inning but I hate that we left the bases loaded. Could have put them away early.

There ya go! Now get some more runs!