LSU arrogance is almost as bad as Texas arrogance!!

In scanning through the LSU boards, I kept seeing the common theme
of disrespect for Arkansas. With quotes like “LSU should never lose to
a team like Arkansas”

A team like Arkansas…

Is that the #3 RPI Arkansas?
Is that the #1 SEC batting average Arkansas?
Is that the #1 SEC homeruns Arkansas?
Is that the #1 SEC slugging percentage Arkansas?
Is that the #1 SEC hits Arkansas?
Is that the #1 SEC runs batted in Arkansas?
Is that the #1 SEC total bases Arkansas?
Is that the SEC west leader Arkansas?
and to add in the #3 SEC in ERA at 3.44.

Yeah, it must really suck to lose to a team like Arkansas! Unthinkable!!

What arrogance.

On a side note: I really got a good laugh reading about their ideas on Loske and
his “stanky leg” or his glut firing movements. Someone wondered if it was some
sort of pitching tourettes syndrome.

And on something to check on: They kept saying every time Blaine Knight would
throw to 1st that is was an obvious balk and the ump was not calling it. Might be
worth watching to make sure if it is or isn’t. ( I just think it was sour milk after they
got picked off, but I admit to being a homer here)

Their gawd-awful announcers kept calling it a “balk move.” Obviously the umps didn’t think so & apparently our coaches don’t think so.

I confess, I don’t know much about what constitutes a balk, but knowing what I know about LSU, I’d say it’s more about the asses being sore losers. Oh how I’d love to sweep their butts. Maybe Campbell, coming out of the BP or not, can be on fire tomorrow & Murphy has his stuff tonight.