LSU Announers Agreed Last Night

On the radio (had to listen to their broadcast on the way home from camp here in north LA) that the targeting call on our player was not a good call nor a good rule. It was surprising to hear them admit watching the replay that the other teams guy was simply trying to make a play and hit Burrow with his shoulder on the head first slide. LSU color man said t was unfair for the kid to get ejected for that play.

Anyway, interesting to hear this take from the opposition broadcast team. They were also respectful of what Chad Morris is doing and see that this whole thing at AR is changing as he adds players to fit his style with a better roster upgrade based on this years recruiting class. But we were simply outmatched talent wise last night, and still made it a game in the 2nd half.


I too listened to them on Serris coming back from the mountains. They were very fair and respectful across the board. They said we were “game” but under maned. They seemed to like CCM and it seemed they almost felt sorry for him (as do I).

Well there are still some other professionals in the broadcast booth like we have.
That being said they were 100% correct.