LSU and Texas start a big series tonight

LSU has played nobody and texas has played well.look forward to seeing how this goes.I know they smoked LSU in 1 game last yr…I watched LSU play about a week ago and man they have an awesome lineup they all hit the ball hard,will be a big challenge to beat them.anything possible in Baum though.

I like our chances of beating LSU anywhere but the BOX! Nothing that happens there suprised me anymore.
I’m just glad we have them at Baum this season.
They may be good but I think the hogs are pretty good too. It will be a good series.

Tonight when the Horns play LSU since I hate both teams my hope is for a 18 or more inning game where they both loose the DH and position players are pitching!
Who gets the win I could care less. Just for the sake of the SEC I’ll go with LSU.

No doubt anytime we play at home we can be anybody that will be an electric atmosphere!!

The game will be on the LHN tonight. If anyone is interested.

texas is up 5-1 in the 7th!

I can’t get the video. What’s up now?

Fallopians win 8-1, holding LSU to 4 hits. Bryce Elder, who we kinda slapped around in relief in the series opener at Baum last year, got the win for EOE. LSU got an unearned run in the top of the first, nada the rest of the way.

Well LSU must not have had a good day at the plate. They should have been able to hit him!

Yeah you can’t watch it unless you have the longhorn Network. I was surprised they held LSU to 4 hits. If Campbell pitches the way he did yesterday I don’t think anybody will be beating him.

True, but he won’t be pitching against Texass. He’ll get the ball on Friday against Misery and again on Friday at Bama.

Campbell again seems to be able to sustain a pretty good roll as long as he’s not pitching out of the stretch. Remember what he did to Florida in Omaha, just mowed them down for 4.2 innings. It’s when he gets ducks on the pond that the problems arise.

he will definently be pitching on Friday against LSU that’s all that matters.If the Texas guy can shut them down then so can Campbell but the LSU offense is really good and why I was surprised he shut them down.

The big difference in why Campbell was better out of the stretch yesterday is he threw his Breaking ball more and something I mentioned after his last start he should do b/c he got into a bad habit of always throwing FB on 1st pitch and they were ambushing it.