LSU and MS ST....

Testimony and evidence from Monday splattered across the sport. The spill finally got to LSU coach Will Wade, who was tagged to the proceedings. At one point, as Richardson is laying out how he understands recruiting in the SEC to work to the undercover agents and Sood (this in 2017), Richardson claims he was recently approached by Wade about a job opportunity. The two were talking because both were recruiting five-star prospect Naz Reid, who played this past season at LSU and is now off to the NBA.

Richardson says on the video that Wade “got $300,000” in place for a deal with Reid to go to LSU.

To which Richardson responds: “I said listen, s—, give me half that and I’ll make sure he goes there.”

Richardson also says on the video about Mississippi State: “If I’m recruiting against Mississippi State, all bets are off” and that in the SEC, some players get “20, 30, 40 grand” when recruited.

Any transcripts on this?

Plus, nothing will happen anyway.

It’s on video. He’s talking to an undercover FBI agent.

Sad that nothing will happen

I think the new AD will fire him. Especially since the wording in his contract was changed.
I’m more curious about the statement concerning MS St tho. That could be interpreted in many different ways.

I can’t believe it’s still called recruiting. … in-bribes/ … ayton-deal

I agree totally. Nothing will happen. They aren’t going to come down on LSU and ignore what’s happening at Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, etc.

If it’s left up to the SEC commissioner
Greg Stinkey nothing will happen!
It’s obvious cash has been thrown around
By Auburn, Alabama, Kentucky, LSU, Miss St and Texas A&M. All of these schools have been mentioned in the scandal.
There are transcripts and wiretaps nothing will ever been done!

Your SEC paranoia is getting really, really old. Greg Sankey has nothing to do with this. This is the NCAA’s department. Will the NCAA do anything? Questionable.

Sorry SF. That’s just a cop out. What’s the use in having a commissioner with no power? The NCAA has no desire to end the corruption. If our commissioner is truly powerless, then I say the U of A should open the check book. What’s the SEC and NCAA going to do? So we may get a few years probation and lose some scholies. So what. What’s keeping us from doing what EVERYONE else in the NCAA is doing? While we pat ourselves on the back for not cheating, LSU,MSU, Auburn, BAMA, Kentucky, and many others keep racking up championships.

Finally coming around. Let’s quit acting like victims and take a seat with the big boys

The SEC Commissioner isn’t powerless, but maybe gutless.
At least the PAC 12 Commissioner spoke out about this even if it may be just BS.