LSU and Auburn

have inquired about Justice Hill’s interest in playing football.

Bielema told Justice a long time ago he could play football if he wanted to.

Richard, I know you know this, but for everyone else, if Justice plays football and basketball, his scholarship counts against the 85 for football but not basketball. There is a pecking order for multi-sport athletes and football is at top of the list. That’s to prevent schools from signing 300 lb offensive tackles to swimming scholarships. But basketball goes ahead of everything else which is why Mike Conley Sr. couldn’t play basketball for us, since he had a track scholarship.

I didn’t know that it worked out that way. So it would enable MA to pick up another scholarship for his class

Good info - thanks Swine.

And to take this a step further you may remember that Matt Jones, Joe Dean Davenport and the Brand’s big brother all played basketball for the Hogs while on football scholarships but none of those counted against our basketball limit.

Could be wrong, but I don’t see Justice playing both sports in college.

Being a two-sport athlete in college is so taxing.

All three were more novelty act than serious contributors. It was fun to watch all three play but none exactly put fear into the opposition. Justice should pick one and stick with it.

Novelty acts or not, they were still football players who didn’t count against the basketball scholarship limit. Which was my point. I don’t disagree that he needs to pick one. Julius Peppers is the last guy I remember in college who was a serious contributor in both football and basketball at a high level.