LSU and Arizona

Will Wade the head coach at LSU and Sean Miller the Head coach at Arizona have to appear in federal court! I wonder how these 2 fine outstanding coaches that simply outwork others are going to lie under oath once the tape are played!

How many of you still want one of these fine crooks?

Amen Army!

About time. They will both look good in stripes. I just wonder if Arizona will continue to support him after they hear the tape with their own ears.
Maybe they outsantinf recruiting Wade accomplished at LSU has a cost that will change his professional career! Both of these coaches are being used to set an example and there are many others that should have to appear.
I have a feeling Bill Self, and John Calipari are going to be next. This may be fun to watch. Seth may help Ben Howland to get an invitation as well.

Do we have reason to believe these coaches are going to be charged with a crime?

Maybe the feds can do something with them. We know the NCAA won’t. Is society still protected from that rogue Chuck Person? You know good and well an outstanding institution like the Auburn athletic department or Coach Bruce Pearl would never condone his actions.

That’ hard working coach from Kentucky wouldn’t do anything either just like Pearl.

Both Pearl and Calipari have had man hole covers dropped on them by the convinced not yet sentenced convicts in an attempt to shed light on Nike schools because one of those convicts used to work for Nike! Duke, Kansas and North Carolina have had man hole covers dropped on them as well. It is still very early and the popcorn and peanuts will be served hot and salty for more action as time goes on! Maybe Slick Rick Pittino can help Cal and Bruce get a job overseas coaching. What a laugh that would be.
One thing for sure they don’t have the option to lie about anything because the Feds have it on tape. Pleading the 5th won’t work either because the proof is on tape. Seems like they are caught red handed !

Between Pearl, Calapari, and Slick Rick , I don’t know which one is the greasiest.

There’s no real way to know. One thing for sure they played a part in the corruption and deception that took place and that alone make them a willing participant in the crime! They knew it was wrong and did it any way for personal gain and glory.

Birds of a feather flock together.

  1. Capillari
  2. Pittino
  3. Pearl.

Pearl is a novice compared to the company he’s associated with here.

Just a little FYI. The player mention first that Will Wade was trying to buy that went to Florida state is playing on ESPN tonight.
It cost a lot of cash to land a 5 star.

But not according to the first trial. The coaches and schools were victims of fraud, per the first go round

What’s sad is Calapari, Pearl, and Slick Rick are Glorified by the basketball people on C B S and E S P N .

ESPN and CBS enable the corrupt coaches and back them. You can add the announcers to that crowd as well. It’s corrupt from the time kids get rated, play AAU ball and sign a NLI To play college ball.
The solution is simple if a kid wants to enter the draft out of high let them go! The point of no return signing with an agent just like baseball.
Coaches that get caught breaking the rules
Ban them for life.

Karma finally arrives to slap down these criminals. I hope she slaps them hard.

What crime was committed? NCAA rules are not legal code.

FBI thinks there was a crime. Their opinion matters; yours doesn’t. And there have been at least two guilty pleas from implicated coaches. I guess they went to jail for being law-abiding citizens?


FBI thinks there was a crime. Their opinion matters; yours doesn’t. And there have been at least two guilty pleas from implicated coaches. I guess they went to jail for being law-abiding citizens?

[/quote]Clearly my opinion doesn’t matter. Not sure I’ve indicated otherwise. I believe the first trial was a massive sham and the real “bad guys” weren’t even prosecuted

Gatto, Dawkins and Code were working for the shoe companies and are headed to the clink for their behavior as shoe reps.

Book Richardson has pleaded Guilty. Chuck Person and Lamont Evans have pleaded Not Guilty.

What was so unbelievable to me was that the first trial painted these programs and head coaches as victims of the AAU culture/shoe companies and were the victims of fraud, believing these kids were amateurs when they had actually been paid.

All of us know that Self, Pitino, Miller etc knew these kids were paid. What I’ve not seen yet is prosecutors showing any inclination to target the head coaches, but rather AAU handlers and shoe companies.

Swine, my position is that many people posting about these trails haven’t been keeping up with what prosecutors are even arguing. Imagine that.


I don’t disagree that to this point the head coaches are skating. But Miller and Wade may be changing that.