Lsu -46

:flushed: Yikes

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HaHa. Rock bottom. We are just pathetic. But we knew that. No new news really.

Yowsa! unfortunately, people will still take LSU, and probably should, based on our first 10 games.


The betting line might be a. bit high. Not because LSU can’t beat us by much more than that, but because I think Orgeron will call off the dogs well before the score gets that bad. Of course, it’s possible even calling off the dogs can’t keep the margin that low. I guess that’s the bet: can Orgeron keep the margin that low?

I don’t think he will try to beat us by 50. I hate it though, that their defense played without passion against OM yesterday (bama win hangover?). They are going to want to make amends against us. My main wish this week is that KJ doesn’t get a major injury.

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Is this the most points Arkansas has ever been the underdog? -46 don’t ever recall that many before.

That’s a good possible…I see 44.5 now, it’s dropping! :upside_down_face:

This is really embarrassing.

LSU’s Vegas lines against other BCS teams this year

Utah St -27.5
GA Southern -27
At Vandy -24 (at home would be -30)
At OM -21.5 (at home would be -27.5)

Arkansas -45

Clearly, Vegas thinks we are the worst team this year in FBS. Might be tied with Rutgers.

Easy money

I am taking those points, too many

Yeah, it sure looks like a crazy line. Way too high. A couple of reasons that spread is sky high though is our recent history this year.

We lost at home to MS St by 30 just 2 games ago.
We lost at home to WKY by 26 last game.
And the biggest thought difference between we fans and Vegas is they view an interim coach as a negative while we view it as a positive.

I’m with you though, I think we’ll see more effort from our team because of the interim coach, making this a good bet. I do wish LSU had blown out OM though. They would have been more likely to totally overlook us if they had.

LSU’s defense was shredded by Ole Miss last night. They did not play well and never really stopped the Rebels. So, I see KJ, Boyd and the freshman receivers scoring maybe 17 points. So, I think we cover if the defense puts up a fight for a change.

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When they get up 30 or so, you will see a QB change because of what happened to Tua. LSU can smell a NC and the coaching staff will be sleeping on the couch if they lost their star to a sorry Arkansas defense.

With Saban losing Tua to injury, the question becomes when does Coach O pull Joe Burrow? Is it in the first half? And will this Arkansas team play hard for Barry Lunney. You have another possible leader stepping up this week in Scotta Harris. He is from just down the road from Baton Rouge. Can Scoota get this defense to play hard and well similar to what they did against Texas A&M?

I doubt if the defense gets turnovers like they did against TAM. I anticipate the Hawgs coming out with passion but if they cannot get third down conversions and defensive stops, it will turn quickly. Tiger stadium at night is where dreams go to die.

LSU will cover the 46 points. I’ve spent a lot of time watching LSU this year (my wife is an LSU grad). This game will be over by the end of the first quarter. And, here are several reasons why.

  1. Coach O will make sure the tigers play 60 minutes of football. The last two games, they have been outstanding in the first half and struggled in the second half. The LSU/Ole MIss game was over by halftime (LSU lead 31-7 at the half). LSU was flat and unfocused to start the second half and gave up some big plays to allow OM back to within striking distance. That won’t happen against us.
  2. Joe Burrow. He will most likely win the Heisman. 79% completion rate for the year! Give him time and he will kill you. Blitz him and don’t get there, he will kill you. Either way, with our sorry defense we are dead. He may not even play all of the first half but should have 4 or 5 touchdown throws and over 300 yards passing by the time he is done.
  3. LSU’s receivers are on par with Bama’s. LSU’s backup QB should have no problem finding open receivers.
  4. Joe Craddock is still our OC. Enough said about that.
    5)The Chief is still our DC – should have retired 2 two years ago.
  5. LSU’s defensive secondary is pretty salty. While we certainly have some talented young receivers, our struggles at QB are well documented.
  6. As said above, it is tiger stadium at night…

I could go on but why bother.

Something to consider: LSU is in the thick of the playoff race and needs to keep impressing the committee, especially with a potential road block vs. Georgia in two weeks. At least one one-loss team is going to get into the playoff, so LSU is going to be in the conversation win or lose in Atlanta. How LSU plays vs. what is perceived to be one of the worst teams in the country is going to be evaluated if it happens to lose in the SEC championship game. I don’t think LSU takes its foot off the gas this weekend, but I expect to see Arkansas play harder than it has the past four games.

Arkansas will play harder but it won’t matter unless LSU helps the Hawgs with turnovers.

CBL should put a BIG 44 (current line) on the Chalk Board everyday and remind the players
they don’t have a chance in Hell according to the oddsmaker.

I say it’s too many points…if a gun was pointed at my head to pick, I would take the 44. :sunglasses:

I thought the spread for Bama was too much at 33 and that Hawgs would show pride and give the Tide a good game since they started their second string Qb. Bama could have scored a hundred on the Hawgs. Since then we have lost our best receiver, tackle with most starts, head coach and several part time staters are finished for year. LSU is better than Tide ,MSU, andWestern Ky.