LRCA's Chrystyn Williams...

mauled No. 1 Notre Dame in women’s basketball action. She hung 28 points on the Irish in her first big game for the UCONN Lady Huskies (significant for me since I live in CT). She sure would have looked good in a Razorback uniform. It is a shame that Neighbors didn’t get to The Hill a year or two earlier.

Here is the link: … 438187.php

I believe Ms Williams matriculated from CAC, not LRCA. I think she was always going to U-CONN. Mike Neighbors is doing a great job with our women’s program, but there is still a huge gulf between us and the elite programs in the women’s game.

Thanks. I stand corrected on her high school.

You are more than welcome. It is not every day that I get to correct a scientific rocket! :wink: