…have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed this, brought back a lot of memories including Markham St. on Saturday before a game.


I always discounted Houston and recognize that when he left it was probably a good thing because the relationship had become toxic, but one can definitely see he has some motivational skills. His teams were generally hard nosed and played hard, something that I expect to see with Pittman (although not yet at the level I had hoped for, but hopefully to come).

He is a wonderful motivator. He recorded a message for the Fayetteville High School team before its state championship game against Bryant last year and it was shown to the team shortly before they left the hotel for War Memorial. I saw it a few days earlier and wished I could put on a helmet. He has an ability to make you believe you can do anything. That’s a gift.


and a great story teller.

He ALWAYS draws a standing room only crowd at the LR TD Club.

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His first year brought back so much belief and pride in program.

Forever grateful for his love of state and program.

The way things ended should not take away from what he did for many of his years.

As Matt mentioned, and incredible motivator.

In Nutt and Holtz, two nationally known motivators it’s no wonder they both have had commentary and speaking ops and they spent some of career w us.


I would love to bring him back into the program in some capacity to help with the team. The kids need to be around somebody with that kind of positive energy