LR Parkview- Harrison updates (10:30 pm)...

Parkview 18, Harrison 12 at the end of the first quarter

Curtis White 8, Javon Franklin 4, Khalil Garland 3 and Ethan Henderson 3 points, 4 rebounds and 2 blocks

There are some impressive players in this game, but javon franklin is by far the most impressive.

Love watching this kid.

Dudley, who is Curtis White? Hadn’t heard of him before, and when I looked him up, Max Preps has him as the 31 nationally and number 2 in the state. Is he that good?

LR Parkview 32, Harrison 24

Curtis White leads Parkview with 10 points

Arkansas signee Khalil Garland with 8 points, including old-fashioned 3-point play right before halftime buzzer

Javin Franklin - headed for junior college - with 6

2018 Arkansas commit Ethan Henderson 3 points, 4 rebounds, 2 blocks

He is quite the athlete.

I don’t know about the “by far” description.

He’s headed to JC where he will need to become more of a wing guy.

I think both commits are both very impressive. Ethan more so than Khalil who is shorter than I expected, and seems to lack the explosiveness the other two have.

Honestly just blown away by Javons athleticism and size. Hope he ends up on the hill.

Harrison scored the first 11 points of the second half to go up 35-32, but Parkview is now back ahead 41-37 with 2:12 left in the third quarter

and goes on a 12-0 run capped by Garland’s steal and dunk to go up 48-37.

Third Q ends with Parkview up 48-39.

White 13
Garland 10
Franklin 10
Henderson 7 points, 7 rebounds, 4 blocks

Well parkview is the team to beat in this tournament I would say.

I exaggerated a little earlier saying javon was ‘by far’ the most impressive.

That being said the two players who were the most impressive to me are not going to the UofA. That would be Javon and #24 the point guard. (Not sure what his name was) but he has incredible size and was a very fluid player.

Henderson has great size and with another year should be SEC ready, but as a junior he sure looks good. I suspect he will be the main source of offense next year on this parkview team.

Khalil to me is a good player but I was not blown away. I’ve seen several times that he is 6’6 and that’s just not true. He’s definitely closer to 6’3. Talented young man and made some good plays though.

All of that being said, If I were to walk into that game not knowing any of their names, javon would’ve struck me as the superior player of the 4.

The 12-0 run by Harrison woke up Parkview, who roared to the win in the fourth quarter.

Curtis White ended with 20, Franklin 12, Garland 10, Henderson 8 points, 8 rebounds and 4 blocks.

Having seen them all play many times in AAU and high school, we are just going to have to agree to disagree.

Garland and Franklin were standing side by side after the game - Franklin maybe an inch taller.

Henderson couple inches above Franklin.

Right, you know them better than I do, and have seen their better and worse nights. Hope to see this team play again, coming up to Fayetteville for SR night so won’t see anymore of the tournament. But hope to see them in hot springs.

I just know what I could see from the 1st row, and Khalil seemed a few inches shorter than Javon. I’m 6’3 and felt about the same height.

Regardless, it doesn’t really matter but he’s not the 6’6 I’ve seen multiple times.

Henderson may be taller than his 6’8 though, he’s a long slender kid.

Keep up the posting and reading the board; you’ll find a lot of discussions on actual size of our recruits. The last official measurement we have on Garland is from last summer. He measured 6’5 in shoes at the Nike Skills Academy.

Also, on Javon, he’s no doubt an excellent high school player. His athleticism and jumping ability is elite. In Arkansas high school basketball, that allows him to be very productive. Put him up against other college prospects regularly and he doesn’t stand out as much. Case in point, for Team Penny in the Nike EYBL, he averaged 5 ppg and came off the bench. Garland was on the same team. He started and averaged 12 ppg. All said, I love Javon’s upside and hope we can get him in two years.

CJ White will be one to track this spring and summer.

All of that being said, If I were to walk into that game not knowing any of their names, javon would’ve struck me as the superior player of the 4.

I think it really depends on which night you see them. Don’t forget about Moses Moody, the 6’3 Freshman guard. I don’t see Henderson leading them in scoring next year. Probably White and Moody with Caleb Stokes doing most of the inside damage. They just have a never ending pipeline of talent. Still, I’m not convinced they are going to win this tournament. The M&M’s, Mills and Maumelle are awfully good too.

Right, inusually try to keep up with things and I am good with numbers so rarely forget the height I’ve seen for guys. Just was stating that Khalil who was feet away from me does not seem anywhere near 6’6. I think he’s a true 6’3, but hey if they say he’s 6’6 I’ll tack on a few inches to my own height, ha ha . He’s young so will probably grow some more.

But yes this parkview team is absolutely loaded from top to bottom.
Wish I could stay and watch some of the better match ups, but like I said coming up for the Georgia game.

There’s a lot of basketball talent in the state right now,

Sure wish some played football though.