LR hit

Lot of damage. God bless all impacted.


Prayers sent

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I’m afraid that will be one of many today, based on the weather forecasts. You could just kind of feel it when you stepped outside this morning. That kind of thick mugginess is rarely a good sign.

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It appears things will calm down around 4ish. After that should be good.

Sherwood too. Places about a half mile from me had windows and doors blown out. No electricity here, or at my daughters or where my son in law’s working. Probably most all of Sherwood.

I live in West Little Rock. I was sitting in the car pool line to pick up my grandson with sirens blaring. The tornado went thru a couple of miles behind me thru Colony West shopping center, right by Pleasant Valley. It got very very dark. Breckinridge residential area took a big hit, Counting my blessings.


So glad you’re okay. As a direct hit tornado survivor it’s so scary. :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Now 600 injuries being reported. And it’s not over. A line of storms is still coming up Interstate 30 through Malvern and Benton toward LR. I just talked to my parents in Bryant; OK for now, but as Dad noted, they’re not out of danger yet.


So glad I am hearing about this after the fact. How did your house do thru this?

Looks like it’s getting stronger as it heads east.
Prayers up.

We live in Chattanooga. We moved here from Benton in 98. Houses next door demolished. We lost roof windows and more. Had wife, daughter and 2 grandsons with us. Laid over them and prayed. March 2012. Nothing prepares you for that scare.

My best friend lives on Foxcroft Rd. He owns a dozen properties in Cammack Village, one of his friends had a tree crashed into his property, fortunately he is unharmed. These films are startling. So much damage.

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Oh my! I know there is no way you can prepare for that.

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The storm is in Eastern Arkansas now.

If there’s a silver lining it hit Central Arkansas while a lot of people were at work. Lots of homes damaged and destroyed.


Wynne High School was pummeled