LR game thread

Love the start on D.

Update? Dont have any way of seeing this

We jumped on them 19 - 3. They’ve gotten closer as we are getting into foul trouble. 24 - 15 now.

Thanks johndhogefeller…keep em coming

Hogs playing sloppy, but that’s to be expected.

Starters were Cylla, Bailey, Joe, Sills and Whitt
Kinda surprised Chaney didn’t start.

Gotten sloppy lately. Lots of TOs on both sides.

Its on Espn3 Live Stream if you want to watch it.

I use IPTV for cable, i have xfinity for internet but said I needed my cable provider to log in?

35 - 26 at the half. Muss won’t be pleased with the last 10 minutes. We are not getting anything inside on offense. Guess to be expected. Announcers are bad. No stats at all. But we have way too many TOs and lots of fouls. I like our D.

Yeah… I’ve always had either AttUverse, DirectTV, or DishNetwork so I’ve always had a log in to it. I think there may be a way to subscribe straight to Espn3 website for a fee that may let you get content, but not sure on that.

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Yea I need to look into that, 10 months ago I cut the cord always had uverse, direct etc so it wasnt a problem. Problem was my bill getting over 250 a month haha now I got every channel in the world dam near, 2 tv’s, every sports channel etc for 13 a month plus good speed internet…but cant figure out how to get on espn3 yet

Hogs up now by 20. Joe lighting it up.

Hogs up 56-34 12:58 left n game. Joe with 8 threes.

59-41 11:20 left.

Sills with awkward landing on drive. Helped to bench.

Yikes thats not good

64-49 with 7:22 left

Jalen Harris with a 3!!!

Love to hear that, how has he played today?

68-53 5:49 left.