LR Christian's Creed Williamson update

I caught up with his dad Corliss about any planned visits for the 6-8, 220-pounder with Arkansas among his numerous offers.

“Creed has not started the process yet,” the elder Williamson said. “He probably won’t until after July,”

Creed’s improved so much the past 2 years.

Super pumped for him!

Hoping he chooses Arkansas when the time comes.

Agree. It’ll be interesting to see if he gets to the level where he can commit to us. Still a ways to go.

One thing I’ve noticed about Creed (other than being a solid prospect) is his demeanor on the court.

He plays hard all the time. He never shows disrespect to officials, teammates, or opposing players and fans.

Also, he and his family aren’t promoting him on social media.

Obviously, he knows that humility is a virtue.

That attitude seems to be becoming more uncommon all the time.


I agree southpaw. My niece’s daughter has 28 D1 basketball offers from great schools including SMU, Colorado, Houston and many others. She was taught too be humble and to play with respect to all. She’s on twitter but never about herself. And our family talks very little basketball with her or her dad because that is only a small part of the great young lady she has become.


He’s a great kid.

I want to see Creed in a Razorback uniform just like his dad back in the day.

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