LR Catholic Recruits

What are the chances of the Jr RB and the Sr Kicker from LR Catholic receiving offerers from UA and other D1 schools?

RB Samy Johnson has a shot. He’s definitely on the radar.

K Chris Elser is a long shot because it’s rare a kicker gets an offer and especially since he’s a senior and the Hogs are very limited on spots. Barry was by the school last week and is fully aware of him.

Think they would consider Elser for a preferred walk-on position or is that never offered to a kicker?

Could but not sure where he is on the pecking order just yet.

How big is Sudden Sammy?

About 5-10, 170 or so.

He is skinny, but runs very hard and is hard to tackle. I kind of wonder if he would be better suited for WR at the next level. He may be a bit taller than 5-10 as well.

Sammy would be a better kick off returner than anyone we’ve seen up there lately.

Thinking slot too.