LPGA at Rogers

Funny how it’s always a week when the Hogs are out of town? Might have to find a new spot on the schedule once the JerryWorld series is over.

Anyway, Gaby Lopez is low Hog after the first round, shot a 67 to tie for 15th so far.

Maria Fassi, Alana Uriell and Brooke Matthews all shot 72 and have some work to do tomorrow to make the cut. Kajal Mistry shot 73, Stacy Lewis shot 74.

May be other Hogs I overlooked in 144 players.

It was a summertime event for several years. It moved to September last year.

Bikes, Blues and BBQ was always the week that Arkansas went to Arlington, but that event has been bumped to October, presumably because of LPGA.

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