Loyola-Chicago/Kansas St.

10 guards on the floor and you think you have to have a big man to win…

I looked up the 1963 Loyola NC’s. One of their victories was against us. I never knew we played them.

I’ll take a 3 over a post 2 every time.

This Chicago bunch can shoot it. 3 has change the game. They get up and down the court well too. They do a couple of things really well, inside they don’t force it in and it doesn’t die there, it comes back out pretty quick, never blinders on and force it, don’t waste a lot of possessions forcing inside. The other thing they do really best of all, they get a 3 whenever they want. Not predicated on anything. They play at a good uptempo pace. Drive it well.
Fun to watch.

All true Gas. They also REBOUND!

They are so fun to watch

They play good defense and they move the ball well. They are always looking to drive and kick